IBM Syllabus 2022 | Online Test Pattern

admin | 2022-10-10
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Below, you will get all the correct information about the IBM syllabus.

IBM Test Pattern 2022

  • Round 1: Online Written Test
  • Round 2: Technical Interview
  • Round 3: HR Interview

There will be four sections in the Online Written Test. Each Section is an Elimination one. The Four sections of IBM are:-

  1. IBM Cognitive Ability Games
  2. IBM Learning Agility Assessment
  3. IBM English Language Test
  4. IBM Coding Test

On this page you will the latest and most updated IBM Syllabus 2022 and IBM Test Pattern.

Generally, the IBM Exam Pattern is as follows:-

Name Of The Section

Number Of Questions

Cognitive Ability Games


English Language Test


Learning Agility Assessments



1+5(Coding + MCQ's)


In Cognitive ability games, it is a test that measures a candidate's ability via Games. In this test there will be six mini-games there will be no questions in the test.

Assess Problem Solving:-

  • Shortcuts


IBM cognitive ability Shortcuts


In Shortcuts the main objective is to move the blue marble from the starting point to the starred area in as few moves as possible. Red marble will try to block your path but you have moved out for you to progress.


  • Gridlock


IBM syllabus 2020


In Gridlock, the main objective is to move and rotate all the pieces into a position to occupy every block of a grid as quickly as you can.


  • Resemble


IBM updated syllabus


In Resemble you just have to follow the instructions and construct the new image on the blank grid and on the right-hand side using the building blocks you are given.

Assess Numerical Reasoning:-


  • Tally Up


IBM Updated syllabus 2020


In Tally up the main objective is to identify which group of tokens has the highest value.


  • Numbubbles


IBM syllabus


In Numbubble you have given a target number and you need to identify and pop the bubble with an equation that equals the target number.

Assess Verbal knowledge:-


  • Proof it


IBM syllabus

In Proof it the main objective is to identify the words which contain misspellings or highlight any punctuation errors within the time limit.

Psychometric Test

There is no such Syllabus for Personality Test. Learning Agility Assessments is an overarching assessment of your work personality – your ability to work with others, your attitude, and your work ethic, among other traits. It is an elimination round and most of the students get eliminate on this round.

You will have to answer questions based on your personal choice, there are no right answers or wrong answers, they ask questions to understand your personality.

You have to Answer questions as-

  1. Strongly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly Disagree
  • No. of  Questions: 50
  • Total Time Limit: 30 Min


This Coding Section Consists of two types of Questions:

1) It was a Coding Round on HackerRank. There was a coding question that was on the String, Array, etc. Coding question is pretty simple like,

The input was 2 numbers in which one is hexadecimal number and the other is Decimal number and I had to compare them. If they are equal then print ‘EQUAL’ and if not then ‘NOT EQUAL ‘. There are some outputs which are like invalid numbers etc that are not mentioned in question but you have to consider them.

2) 5 to 6 Multiple Choice Question which is based on

  • DBMS
  • OS
  • OOPS
  • Programming Etc.


Interview Round

Generalized Pattern of Interview Round

Interview Round is the final round for both the profiles.

This round is Technical cum HR round. Sometimes Coding Questions might be asked in Technical Interview. Once you clear the written test and other rounds for respective profile the final round is Interview Round.

It Consists of two Rounds

  1. Technical Round
  2. HR Round

Here is no hard and fast rule for what question will be asked in this round. You can expect any question as this depends entirely on the panel.

Random Question Asked Related to these Topics in Interview

  • Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • DBMS
  • Operating System
  • Networking
  • OOPs concepts and
  • A programming language of your choice.

For other branch students, any question related to your subjects can be asked. You should have good knowledge of at least 2-3 Subjects and after the technical round, there is an HR round.

Some of the common questions asked in HR Round are mentioned below:

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Which is your favourite subject and why?
  3. Why do you want to work for IBM?
  4. Would you be interested in joining any other company?
  5. Would you be comfortable working in shifts?
  6. What subjects have you done in your project?

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Education: Graduation and Post-Graduation – B.E/ B.Tech– 65% or 6.5 CGPA.
  • Batch: 2022 (Only candidates, who have completed & cleared their educational degree and have all Semester Mark sheets should apply)
  • Backlogs: No current /past backlogs.


IBM Sections

No. of questions



Cognitive Ability Games

6 Mini-Games



English Test




Learning Agility Test





1 Coding and 5 MCQ




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