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B) If the coctlicient of kinetic friction is 0.35 under each body in the system shown in fig., how far  
and in what direction will body B move in 6 sec. starting from rest. Pulleys are frictionless.  
Dr. Babasaheb  
l:::ND Sf"1\.~. lO!<Examinations - t~~U:I=L - 20 t f  
I Semester: B. Tech Course (Computer, Electrical, EXTC and IT)  
Subject: Engineering Mechanics (EM)  
2 8 APR 2017  
Time: 3 Hours  
Max Marks: 60  
Instructions to the Students:  
I. Attempt ANY FIVE Questions from Question No 1 to Question No 6.  
. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches, diagrams etc. wherever necessary.  
. Necessary data is given in the respective questions. If such data is not given, it  
means that the knowledge of that part is a part of examination.  
400 N  
Attempt the following  
A) Explain various types of loads.  
B) State Law of Parallelogram of forces. Two forces 01'22 Nand 45 N act away from a point. If the  
angle between the forces is 50°. Find the magnitude of the resultant and the angle made by it with  
the 22 N force.  
C) The rectilinear motion ofa particle has its position defined by the relation X=r3.8t  
Determine I) Position, velocity and acceleration at t = 3 sec  
) Maximum Velocity and the corresponding time  
Attempt the following  
A) State and prove Lami's Theorem  
B) Find the location of centroid for shaded area with rcspectto reference axis X-Yo  
r =16 em  
C) A 4 m long ladder, weighing 160 N is resting as shown, making a 60 degree angle with the  
ground. A man weighing 800 N is standing at the top of the ladder. Find the minimum force F  
required to keep the ladder in equilibrium.  
B) Write a note on Free Body Diagram (FBD). Explanin the various types of supports in detail with  
neat FBD.  
1\= 0.35  
Attempt the following  
A) The horizontal position of the 1000 kg block is adjusted by 6 degree wedge .If coefficient of  
friction for all surfaces is 0.6 . Determine the least value of force P required to move the block.  
Attempt the following  
A) State and Derive the Impulse Momentum Equation.  
B) A stone is dropped into a deep well. The splash/sound is heard after 2.5 seconds. Assuming the  
speed of sound to be 330 m/s ,Find the depth of the well (take g = 9.81 m/s2).  
C) Ball A of mass 0.5 Kg moving to the right with a velocity of 5 m/s has a direct central impact  
with ball B of mass 0.2 Kg moving to left with a velocity of 2 m/s. If after impact the velocity of  
ball B is observed to be 4 m/s to the right. Detennine the coefficient of restitution between the two  
Attempt the following  
of mass 50 kg and M  
(06X2= 12)  
A) Two men,M  
of mass 75 kg, dive olTthe end ofa boat of mass M= 250 kg  
B) Explain and prove D'Alembert's principle. How will you explain the concept of dynamic  
so that their relative velocity with respect to the boat is 4 m/s. If the boat is initially at rest, lind its  
final velocity if  
Attempt the following  
i) two men dive simultaneously.  
A) Deline and Explain following terms related to friction.  
ii) the man of mass 75 kg dives lirst followed by the man of mass 50 kg,  
iii) the man of mass 50 kg dives first followed by the man of mass 75 kg  
i) Angle of Friction  
ii) Angle of Repose  
iii) Coetlicient of friction