LONERE RAIGAD -402 103  
End Semester Examination June - 2019  
Branch: B. Tech (Group A/Group B)  
Sem.:- I & II  
Subject with Subject Code:-Energy and Environmental Engineering (CHE106)  
Marks: 60 Time: 3 Hrs.  
Date: 10/06/2019  
Instructions to the Students  
. Each question carries 12 marks.  
. Attempt any five questions of the following.  
. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches, diagram, etc., wherever necessary.  
. If some part or parameter is noticed to be missing, you may appropriately  
assume it and should mention it clearly  
Q.1. Solve any Two of the following:  
a) Classify gas turbine power plants. Explain the various elements of gas turbine  
power plant.  
(b) Why most of the thermal power plants are set near coal mines or oil reservoirs?  
Explain the cooling water circuit in a thermal power plant.  
(c) Compare the Hydroelectric plants with the diesel power plant in respect of site  
requirement, initial cost, fuel transportation, reliability, operating cost, simplicity and  
Q.2. Solve any Two of the following:  
(a) Compare the relative characteristics of HAWT and VAWT. List the major  
applications of wind power.  
(b) What is the source of tidal energy? What are the potential sites of tidal energy in  
India? List the advantages and limitations of tidal energy.  
(c) What is a fuel cell? Explain briefly about the working of Fuel Cell with a neat  
Q.3. Attempt the following:  
a) What do you mean by energy efficiency? Explain the measures to be taken to  
reduce the energy conservation in air conditioners. List any four measures.  
(b) Explain the energy pyramid? Write at least six practices that lead to increase in  
energy conservation in industries.  
Q.4. Attempt the following:  
(a) What are the six criteria pollutants in the original clean air act? Why are they  
chosen? List at least five illnesses that are caused by the dirty air.  
(b) What are the major indoor pollutants? Where do the following indoor pollutants  
come from? Formaldehyde , Radon, Smoke, Asbestos, Molds.  
Q.5. Solve the following:  
(a) Explain the various causes of water pollution in brief. What is red tide  
phenomenon related to water pollution?  
(b) What are the sources and effects of noise pollution? Explain in detail.  
Q.6. Solve the following:  
(a) What is radioactive pollution? What are its effects? How to control it?  
(b) Explain the causes of marine pollution and its effect on aquatic life. How the  
marine pollution be controlled?