Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere-Raigad  
Supplementary Examination MAY-2019  
Class: B.Tech. First Year  
Subject: Communication Skills (HS102/HS202)  
Time: 03 hours  
Date: 30/05/2019  
Max. Marks: 60  
Semester: I  
1) Each question carries 12 marks.  
2) Attempt any Five questions.  
Q.1 a) Explain the importance of communication in the corporate world in order to be  
a good leader.  
b) To what extent the non-verbal communication is important for a speaker?  
Explain its role in the process of communication and how it can convey the  
unspoken words?  
Q.2 a) Assume that you are a young student in India. You are presenting your views  
about the Indian politics and the elections taken place just now. Present your  
views about the same in front of a press reporter who is interviewing you. (06)  
b) What are the do’s and don’ts we need to remember while participating in a  
Q.3 a) Transcribe the following words using phonemic script:  
i) politics  
iv) educate  
ii) minister  
iv) glass  
iii) council  
v) class  
b) Spell the following words reading the phonemic transcriptions:  
i) /dIrekt/ ii) /ka:(r)/ iii)/straIk/  
Q.4 a) Rewrite the following sentences using appropriate prepositions:  
i) The visitors should be beware …….. the dog.  
ii) The employee was warned …….. the risks involved in that project.  
iii) A mango fell …….. the basket.  
iv) The attendant was looking ……. the old lady in the house.  
v) He left ……. Pune this morning.  
vi) He took his hands ……. the table.  
b) Rewrite the following sentences using appropriate articles wherever required (06)  
i) I found …….. unclaimed bag when I entered ……. house.  
ii) My father presented me ……. new laptop on clearing …… HSC board  
iii) My friend showed me …… new pen which he had bought for….. Rs. 100/-  
Q.5 Write a job application for the post of Quality Control Engineer in Kesar  
Chemicals, Shivaji Nagar. Address the application to the Personnel Manager of the  
organization. Include your bio-data with the application.  
Q.6 a) What are the different strategies/types of reading? Explain the importance of all  
the strategies/types in different situations. (06)  
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good guru. The answer is, yes, it’s absolutely critical to have a preceptor guide you and,  
there’s no set way of finding a good guru. Having said that, the absence of a guru does  
not mean that you can’t succeed on this path. Ultimately, individual effor  
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